English 19.10.2021

Child — This child are very friendly.

Children — I like my children.

Bus — This bus are very safe.

Buses — Today buses a lot, of Yerevan.

Cherry — This cherry don’t very yummy.

Cherries — My grandfather send me more cherries.

Man — This is Ann’s man.

Men — Men are very evil.

Glass — This glass are very old.

Glasses — This glasses, are mother favorites.

House — On this house live family David.

Houses — On this city more houses.

Apple — I like apple

Apples — This apples are very yummy.

Box — It is, secret box Kate, of happy birthday.

Boxes — In magazines more boxes with banana.

Baby — it is baby Charlie.

Babies — on William more babies.

Ball — children plays with purple ball.

Balls — On Ben more balls.

Tomato — I like tomato juice.

Tomatoes — Tomatoes are very yummy.

Parrot — This parrot, Lena’s best friend.

Parrots — In zoo magazines more parrots.

Dish — mother dish my T-shirt

Dishes — She’s dishes shorts.

Melon — I usually in summer eat melon.

Melons — On this magazine more yummy melons.

Armchair — Dave buy new armchair.

Armchairs — armchairs are very comforts.

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