I am playing football.
Your are playing volleyball.
He                                      We
She is playing basketball.    You are playing table-tennis.

It                                           They 

  Example: Is Jack reading a book?
Yes, he is. He is reading a book.

Is Kate dancing?
No, she isn’t dancing. She is listening
to music.

Are the children watching TV?
No, theu aernt.

Is Willy playing tennis?
Yes, he is.

11. Answer the questions.
1. What do you do when you are free? I usually watch TV or go to yard.
2. Do you like to play games after classes? Yes, when I have time. 
3. What games do you like to play? Football or volleyball. 4. Do you read at leisure? Sometime.
5. Do you listen to music? Sometime.
6. Are you a cinema-goer? No.
7. Do you watch videofi lms at home? Yas.
8. Are you a theatre-goer? No.
9. Do you go for a walk when you are free? No.

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