English 16.03.2021 Tom Thumb

Tom Thumb(մատնաչափիկը)

Part One

   This story is very old. It is not true, but many children like it. A husband and a wife had no children and they were very sad. There were many nice flowers in their garden, and one day they found a little boy in one flower. He was as small as a man’s thumb. They called him Tom Thumb.

Tom’s mother was very happy. She made nice clothes for her boy. He had a green coat and yellow trousers. On his head he had a yellow hat. His mother made little boots for him. Tom liked his clothes. But he wanted a sword and a shield. He wanted to be a soldier. Mother gave him a needle for a sword and a button for a shield.
One day he went for a walk. He met two men. He did not know them.

Choose the right word.
A husband and wife … children (had, had no).
One day they found … in a flower (a boy, a girl).
He had a … coat (yellow, green).
He had … trousers (red, yellow). had a … hat (yellow, white).
His mother made … boots (big, little).
She gave Tom a needle for a … (sword, shield).
She gave Tom … for a shield (button, needle).

sword-թուր— The soldier went to fight with a sword

shield-վահան— The shield is used during the battle

needle-ասեղ-They sew clothes with a needle

button-կոճակ-The button is used on different jackets

soldier-զինվոր-The soldier went to fight with a sword

thumb-բթամատ-we have five fingers, the first of which is the thumb

true-ճիշտ-I like to speak correctly

to like-հավանել-I have always liked good people

to be sad-տխուր լինել-I’m sad when I’m alone

to go for a walk-գնալ զբոսանքի-I go for a walk every morning

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